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Samsung PC Studio + 2021

Samsung PC Studio

Samsung PC Studio is a professional tool that you can use to manage your personal data and multimedia files by connecting a Samsung Mobile Phone.

It is a Windows-based PC program package that you can use easily to manage personal data and multimedia files by connecting a Samsung Mobile Phone (GSM/GPRS/UMTS) to your PC.

Phone Editor (Manage contacts and more) allows you to view, edit and organize the personal information in your phone on your PC. It also lets you copy and move information between your phone and your PC.

Message Manager (Manage messages) allows you to view, edit, and organize messages of your phone on your PC. It also lets you copy and move messages between your phone and your PC.

In addition, you can send text messages or multimedia messages through this application, when it is connected to the phone.

Use this powerful GSM management workstation to fully synchronize your Samsung mobile phone with your PC and manage multimedia files, messages and more

Samsung is one of the top 5 mobile phone manufactures in the world. Rest assured that not all of these mobile phones are smartphones and, as any respectable manufacturer, Samsung has developed management applications for users owning GSM mobile phones.

Full synchronization between your GSM and PC

No matter if you want to synchronize contacts, calendar items or emails, transfer files or back up your data and even create and send text messages, Samsung PC Studio is the official program to use. It supports synchronization with most email clients out there, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes and Lotus Organizer, so it allows you to easily transfer your contacts between mobile phone and computer.

Manage Java and Symbian related apps

Samsung PC Studio is also a great and handy tool if you intend to install Java or Symbian apps on your phone. Just drag and drop the file you wish to copy on your handset and you’re ready to go. You can also rip audio CDs, create music files and copy music files directly on your mobile phone within a few clicks.

Powerful but not too friendly

Unfortunately, the interface lacks the ease-of-use by laying icons in front of your eyes with no descriptive text. That expands the time span needed to get familiar with the application and this brings nothing but frustration from the user’s point of view. All functions are also listed under the “File” menu, but still, this isn’t the best interface a phone manager could receive.

Various connection establishment possibilities

Just like many other mobile phone suites out there, Samsung’s lets you connect the device to your PC using an USB cable, an infrared port, Bluetooth or a serial cable. You can easily create backups of your phone’s data for safe keeping or to transfer it to another phone, connect your PC to the Internet using your handset, play and convert multimedia files and also create wallpapers for your Samsung phone.

A multimedia conversion tool

Samsung PC Studio’s Settings window refer to ‘Automatic conversion options’ and Audio / Video conversion formats. You can choose from AAC and M4A as the default audio format and High / Medium or Low quality MP4 container files for the video side.

In conclusion

While not being the perfect app overall, Samsung PC Studio takes the edge off its competitors by providing the complete set of tools needed for the job. Nonetheless, if you are the owner of a Samsung GSM mobile phone, then this is a must-have.

Features and Highlights:

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PC Sync (Synchronize)

It allows you to synchronize personal information data saved in the Phone. Also, the data saved in the PC’s personal information management program. The PC personal information management programs supported by PC Sync are Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

Phone Explorer (Manage files)

It allows you to manage multimedia files in your phone on your PC and to transfer files between your phone and your PC.

Networking Wizard (Manage Internet connections)

It allows you to access the Internet using the connected Phone as a modem device.

MMS Composer (Compose multimedia messages)

It allows you to make and edit multimedia messages using such content as photos, moving pictures, sounds and text. The multimedia messages produced using MMS Composer can be saved to or sent via the connected Phone.

Multimedia Manager (Manage multimedia files)

Multimedia Manager can modify various media files imported from your mobile phone, PC, or CD and create a new one at your will. In addition, Multimedia Manager has a powerful play function so that you don’t need to start a separate tool.

Multimedia Player (Play multimedia files)

It allows you to replay multimedia files compatible with the Phone, such as multimedia messages, moving pictures, and sounds.

Supported OS:

Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7.

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